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Yoga for Back Pain

This is a beginner-friendly sequence of 10 easy yoga poses for relieving and preventing back pain. This practice is gentle and restorative, intended to stretch and relive stress in the spine and back muscles.…

corgi savasana

How to be Bendy, Keep it Yoga, and Avoid Yoga Injury

The reason that yoga asana practice can be particularly dangerous is that yoga is marketed as healthful. As with many other beginner yoga practitioners, I am very attracted to and actively practicing towards more advanced poses such as crow, wheel and handstand. There is so much to be gained from working toward these challenging and beautiful poses: strength, flexibility, mental fortitude and concentration. However, no other practice with such an emphasis on extreme flexibility describes such physical achievements as healthful.…

Yoga and Liberation: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 4:34

I just finished reading Barbara Stoler Miller’s translation of the Yoga Sutras,Yoga: Discipline of Freedom. She translates the Sanskrit word yoga as “discipline,” the discipline for achieving spiritual freedom. Miller defines freedom (kaivalya in Sanskrit) as “the isolation and liberation of the human spirit from material nature.”…